Manchester Hackett & Associates, Inc.
Today's Most Versatile, High Performing, Cost Effective Architectural
Translucent Insulating Daylighting System

  •        NEW: UNIQUAD
  •        Unitized - Factory Glazed and Assembled
  •        The controlled factory environment provides superior quality control
  •        Delivered to job-site ready for quick, easy installation
  •        Unitized panel connection simplifies field installation & overall project mgmt.
  •        Installation time is significantly reduced
  •        Economical benefits for both small and large projects
  •        Substantial savings on labor ensures delivery of a high performing system
  •                  at a competitive cost
  •        See more HERE

  • Danpalon® system available in Pentaglas® or Quadwall®
  •        Exceptional quality of light
  •        Rich non-industrial visual appeal
  •        High durability, insulation and UV protection
  • Clearspan Canopies and Walkway covers
  •        Single source responsibility for the entire system from the ground up
  • LiteBrow™ suspended translucent sun screens
  • U-Lite™ monolithic polycarbonate standing seam panel for low slope canopy
  • Custom CPI canopies and walkway covers
  • Custom vertical translucent particitions and translucent ceiling panels
  • ControLite® dynamic daylighting glazing system intelligently adjusts shading &
    sunlight transmission
  •        Variety of Finishes
  •        Impact Resistant
  •        Water Resistant
  •        Fire Resistant

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