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Saint Louis, MO  63119
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Manchester Hackett & Associates, Inc.
Linel Architectural Glass & Metal
Custom Skylights, Walkways and Canopies

  • Offering a range of skylights with a variety of
    framing systems, materials and finished
    including building integrated photovoltaic
    (BIPV) cells
  • Specializing in more complex custom and
    unusual geometric skylights requiring
    extensive engineering, precision
    manufacturing and installation coordination
  • Highly engineered to resist air and water
    infiltration, condensation, thermal radiation,
    solar radiation & acoustical sound
  • Your choice of material only OR turnkey

Architectural and Ornamental Metals

  • Applications include column/beam covers, wall
    panels, cladding, architectural grilles and
    vision screens and sculptures
  • Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes,
    materials, finishes and coatings to meet
    requirements of any project

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